Mathematics and Science


For 5 years Mehdi has taught me, from basic arithmetics all the way to complicated IB Math SL topics. Throughout this time he demonstrated vast patience and would only be satisfied when you understand the concept. This patience was a true testimony to his passion for teaching his students and it was always in his interest to help you and support you, whether available by email for last minute questions or extended tutoring sessions until you understood. He was always flexible be it in person tutoring sessions or online video math tutoring sessions. Once you had a specific concept you didn’t understand, he would start at the basics and help find what the issue was, and build on those basics until you understood and until it made sense, a truly great teaching style which I can only recommend.


Mehdi carefully reviewed my two undergraduate textbooks, provided invaluable comments, and helped improve virtually all aspects of both books. This is a true testimony to his vast knowledge and the fact that he is a great teacher at heart.
He instructs by percept, example, and experience, generously interacts with students, individually and in groups, in person and online, inspires students through his teaching passion to help them learn on their own, brings in his remarkable knowledge and deep insight into the subject matter, widely uses technology in many forms to enhance his teaching, and distils the course material, regardless of the level of complexity, to be easily absorbed by students.


Mehdi has been our children's Maths tutor over the last 4 years and we have seen tremendous improvement in school grades.
Our children had different needs, our daughter required specific topics to be clarified in detail leading up to public examinations, whilst our son needed an overall step-up in understanding. Mehdi is a patient, knowledgeable and conversant in numerous international exam syllabi. He is a kind and caring tutor and comes highly recommended!.

Tanya and Nigel

I studied Computer Science at ETHZ. In order to revise the concepts learnt in lectures I searched for a suitable tutor and I came across Mehdi.
He guided me during my first two years at ETHZ and thanks to him I was even able to pass advanced Master’s lecture in mathematical finance.
Mehdi always finds a way to explain the most complicated and abstract concepts in a simple manner. When solving a problem set together, he always knows where one will get stuck and he subsequently explains the underlying theory in great detail, such that one will always comprehend and learn the required material when attending one of his sessions. He is very patient and knows exactly when a 2 minute break is necessary after a long thinking session. During such a short break he will tell an interesting story and motivate one to continue confronting the tricky questions in a problem set. On top of that he is very reliable and punctual. I can only recommend him as a tutor.

ETH Student

Mehdi has taught me all the way from solving for X in a simple linear equation in 8th grade to complex calculus problems in the IB as well as teaching me Chemistry. No matter what problems I’ve had, he has always managed to help me. He is an extremely patient person that helps you establish a good foundation of learning in order to learn more complex concepts later on. Throughout high school if I suddenly needed help with studying for a physics test, chemistry test, math test or even an economics test, he was always available for help even if it meant staying late until I had learned the concepts well enough. If there is suddenly a very tough problem that even he has trouble understanding, rather than skipping to the next problem he does not hesitate to grab a textbook and figure out the problem in a matter of minutes, even with subjects like Chemistry which can be very difficult at times. He is very flexible and will manage to be there for you as much as possible whether that is in-person classes or online classes. He is truly the reason that I have succeeded throughout my time in high school and I thank him for everything he has helped me with to this day.


I have been working with Mehdi for two years now and he’s been a great help in the progression of my studies. Mehdi is able to teach in a clear way which has allowed me to get a deep understanding of anything I want to know. It is a pleasure to work with him.


More testimonials (written in German)

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